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The multicolor Combattant is made of titanium set with an unheated Pink Diamond from the Argyle mine in Australia & the rose Gold hair brooch is set with a Pink Paraiba Morganite.

The combattant hair brooch collection has been created by Cléa Horowicz as a symbol of peace. It celebrates the power of our minds as women and mothers. This celebration is the way we stand up for ourselves and get respected by all.

She chose to create those jewels not only because it symbolizes women but also because it is connected with the head. It brings proudness and confidence to whoever wears it.

Cléa chose this Japanese fish not only because of its name but also for its elegance. The way their scales shimmer from the reflection of the light under the water makes this fish one of the most beautiful aquatic beings.

As women, we are all searching for something that represents our spirit.

It is for that reason that she created multiple variations of these unique jewels so that women may find their perfect match.

"Les combattants" Hair brooch

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